A Bit About Myself

Juan Ramón Garza

Juan Ramón Garza



 I am from north eastern Mexico, I have lived and traveled around the world and currently live in California.

My first artistic efforts started in the very early seventies. You can find some of my artwork as early as 1971 with a Ramón signature.

It was in the late sixties that I decided to leave a trail of artwork.  Around 1971-1972 I started using the name Ramón, my middle name, after my grandmother’s name Ramona,  a prominent figure in my families life, a Texican pioneer… I never met her.

After a few years of experimentation and a couple of art schools I decided to work exclusively in the abstract language of art. I felt it to be a universal language of form and color that goes beyond our separated personalities in where I find a connection, I hope you do too.

My wish is that all you find a dialog and an exchange in this work and it can shed some light on all of our journeys, art is altruistic, it has good intent. 

RAMÓN 2016