On a train to Laredo

So, cowboys, lets go forward to Puebla, Puebla, Mexico  1975.

On a train to Laredo, Tamaulipas… several days journey…


Went to Laredo, Texas then hiked hitched hike that is,  down to Padre Island. 

It was a pleasure to see the familiar rolling hills south of Rio Grande City, its warm winds and blooming cactus.


After some rest and recombobulation I stopped by an older cousins home as I passed through Mcallen. We had a long and philosophical conversation. He was a bit older than my father and I knew they studied things they didn’t talk about.


He said to me, this cosmos is cyclical, remember that, “Cyclical” .

This world has had many lives through ions with processes that last millennia unfolding innumerable civilizations, stand back and watch it’s Work unfold.


Dropped in on a gypsy just off that country road, put ten dollars in her bible and watched her throw her cards. 

    Your journey is just beginning, be careful, they will be looking for you, you must hurry on”.

   So I did.


Arriving on the Island as the sun is setting.


The moon was bright and the evening warm, for a moment on the trek the sun and moon were face to face, a horizontal moment no doubt. The shadows over my shoulder soon caught up in where I saw two young guys and a guitar.

Receiving warm greetings they inquired as to my travels and listening for a bit we came upon a log where they sat and proceeded to play the most impressive rendition of this songhttps://youtu.be/4WXYjm74WFI


As ethereal as these boys had appeared they dissolved into the edges.


I remembered this because I heard a story about this song on the radio today.

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Parte de un Cuate

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De aqui pa-ya

De aqui pa-ya Shekinah al revés.

Una violencia que no se siente natural.

Una violencia que no se siente natural. La Muerte

The aerial


Aerial Ballet

Now that is a loaded few words to be
reckoned with.

This I believe was the name of Harry
Nilsson’s third album, second on RCA label.

The title is Areal Ballet named after his grandparent’s circus act.

. Nineteen sixty-eight in Brownsville Texas.

I was born across the border in nineteen fifty-four. Thirteen years old, not completely innocent.

He was conservative, traditional and
eclectic in many ways. He belonged to many social and community
organizations and knew many people.

One summer I went on a trip, the expedition is a good word for it, to a jungle area of Mexico on a bus. My host was a Chinese / Mexican man who was about my dad’s age. He was wealthy and a bachelor. After I arrived he took me to eat something and went to his home. It was very simple but accommodating, he said to rest up, we are going out tonight. I had no idea what was going on or why I was there, I recall being completely innocent at that time, regardless of all of the bad things as kids I had done.

That night we went to the most amazing traditional bar, I’m talking cockfight arena in the patio, several gambling rooms, domino’s, dice and cards. After a quick tour, I was introduced to the bartender and sat at the bar. Mr. Chung ordered a couple of beers and some snacks, some of my favorite food and drink to this day, dark Mexican beer, and tapas, lots of tapas. Soon after my host excused himself and said, just hang and don’t worry, someone is always watching out for you, have a good time, I’m going to gamble. And he wandered off.

Needless to say after one beer I was not leaving the bar so I stayed and the beer kept flowing. Many patrons came and went joining me at the bar. The rest is a blur except being sick in the morning with a bad headache, didn’t know that chicharrones with hot sauce and fresh milk was a cure, trust me it’s not.

The next big thing we did was meet up with 3 of his compadres at a ranch outside town in the evening and went hunting until late at night. Got some rabbits but no large game they wanted, they had some large-caliber weapons, I was told there are large cats, deer and all kinds of jungle creatures.

Mr. Chung also had a ranch of his own that we went to visit for a few days. It was so isolated and into the bush that his cattle were semi-wild from lack of contact with humans. It was very simple and self-sufficient with water filtration and power including radio communications, did I mention that Chung was a Masonic brother and member of ARARM, a national armature radio network of brilliant people connected.

Another day I found myself with Mr. Chung in a town I think is called Valles in San Luis Potosi at a very traditional party outdoors with tons of food vendors and drinks with great music and everyone one dancing. That night was one to remember, like I said by the time I ran into the Areal Ballet, not so innocent.

The end of those two weeks was my mom picking me up at the bus depot in Matamoros, I had two-gallon jugs of pure jungle moonshine, one plain and one flavored. We went home to Brownsville. That trip made me a different person understanding why all of that happened. Everyone acted as if I had gone to a summer camp of sorts and that was it.

So back to the Ballet. One of my older
brothers friend whom I knew in passing and on occasion hanging out
came by and introduced me to Mary Jane, what could we expect it was
1968 and we were all about to embark on a voyage beyond comprehension
for years to come, I am speaking mostly about myself as usual because
this is all about me and how I fell in love and am still there.

Sometime later this friend invited me to listen to this great record he has acquired from the RCA record club. I dropped by to listen and I was blown away by what I heard. I learn how to order from RCA and got my own copy and listened for days somehow that record brought me into the world of music in a profound way, for the first time the music made me aerial.

Take a listen sometime. It’s one of my favorites and the beginning of a world of psychedelia in my life.

Talk about Aerial Ballet!

years ago after I had been mentoring a couple of young guys in the
music business for a year or so. I wanted them to look deep, not be
fooled by the first impression especially when it related to art.

I had earned some respect from them by this time regarding music and production. I decided to send them a copy of one of my favorite artist who I might add is an acquired taste, a great and well-known artist in his part of the world.

is a link to this great piece.

presented this to them in public on Facebook or some similar media as
“one of my favorite projects”, bamm , that’s all I needed to say.

were so polite and kind with their remarks at that time. I am sure it
took them years to see my point clearly.

At first, they thought it was me recording a song, it was a shock, to say the least. For many years I continue to post this wonderful song that keeps many people in my life believing that something strange is going on.

So please enjoy the Holidays and take with you what it’s worth and you better watch out cus sana clause is coming to town!

Merry Christmas!


By-Ramon 2019
Doll house sketch conclusion
Doll house series

Painting with few layers of glaze.

Work in progress of primarily oil and compatible media on canvas.

Light is a bridge between the gross material world and the upper levels.